Getting the run around about my liner


Mar 24, 2017
This is our third summer having our pool. From day 1, I told the installer that the liner looked terrible along the wall. He told me to give it a few weeks for the pool to heat up and the liner will stretch. A few weeks went by. No change. He then told me to give it a few months. The second summer (2018) it still looked bad after the pool was opened. He told me to give that whole summer. He also told me to fill the pool more. We literally cannot fill it anymore or the skimmers will be covered. This past Friday, the installer sent one of his guys out to close the pool for the year. This was a new guy and I asked him what he thought. He immediately went over and pulled the liner back and said there should be a liner bead lock along the first step. I messaged the installer today and asked who that falls on...him or Latham. He said Latham decides where to put the liner bead locks and he thinks they did a good job and that "it is what it is". I just called Latham and they said his answer was bland and wrong. They suggested I get a second opinion. I feel like no one wants to help out with this issue. We paid 100K for a pool and landscaping - shouldn't it at least lay flat against the pools walls??? We have people over and they even point it out and ask if something is wrong. Are we being too picky? The picture I am attaching shows the guy pulling it back on Friday. On that first step, it only has about 2-3" of water on top of it when it is full. There's not enough weight from the water to stretch it (like the installer keeps saying). For what it's worth, it is a 27mil liner.
Latham said some people add Velcro to the back of their liners. Has anyone done this?

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Aug 19, 2014
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Wow. I have seen so many like this with zero liner lock. Makes zero sense to have none or hardly any.
My liner has lock covering 90% of the pool in foot long sections with maybe 6 inch gap between them.


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Aug 10, 2017
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The installer specifies where the liner locks go and specs it on the stairs. Therea different ways to go about it. Liner over stairs takes skill and planning to make it look good, this guy either doesn't have experience or didnt care