Getting ready to purge w/ Ahh some


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Jun 7, 2013
Millville, PA
I bought some Ahh-some off of amazon the other day and I am getting ready to use it to clean my hot tub. Here is what worries me though. I inherited this spa from my parents and while they maintained it well, I am highly doubting they ever deep cleaned it. Currently I am having no issues with maintaining perfect water balance and clarity but I do feel a deep cleaning is in order. I do not notice a high amount of chlorine usage but I am using a SWG. I live in the country and I have well water as my fill source so I cannot do 8 or 9 drain and refills to completely clean the tub at once. I can maybe do 2 or 3 complete refills at a time because I am afraid my well could get drained down. Here is the question, if I do a couple of rounds of ahh-some, then come back a month or so later, do a couple more rounds, could I continue to use the tub in between? My work schedule is hectic at times and while I can do a couple of rounds in a row, I can't do 8 or 9 in a row and I fear that is what it will take to get this thing purged. I'd like to use it in between chances though and want others opinions. If I shock it good in between will that help? I read several others experiences and it makes me apprehensive about trying this but in the end I know it'll make me feel better in the tub. I like the suggestion of putting the ahh some in, running the tub, cleaning out the gunk, letting it sit and soak and then coming back and running the tub again before cleaning and draining. Any additional advice is welcome.

Brian VT

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Nov 22, 2015
You may be fine with 1 or 2 treatments. Especially if you're not having high chlorine demand now.
If the foam comes up white then I wouldn't bother with any more treatments until your next water change.


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Jul 6, 2015
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One cleaning with Ahh-Some is better than none and 2 can be better, but not always necessary. I agree with white foam indicating you are good enough. It makes a difference running the jets for at least an hour with Ahh-Some and I think they changed the directions from 30 minutes to an hour. During that hour, I wipe the scum off the sides with paper towels as it shows up since it's easier when it's soft and gets it out of the spa. I used to shop vac or scoop out the brown foam, but I stopped since it was low yield for a lot more work.

I spray off the sides as the water is draining out and wipe it down with cloth towels as it empties. Then it's squeaky clean when I fill it back up. I do it on avg every 3 months.

Of course you can use the tub in between cleanings. Enjoy your spa with that crystal clear water and don't think about what might be lurking in the pipes. It's never going to be perfect.