Getting ready for swim season!


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Sep 15, 2018
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After recent storms and winds, have MAJOR pollen in the pool. That, plus warmer weather, was feeding something unwanted, so my SWG suddenly "wasn't keeping up." I've bumped up the chlorine, changed out my skimmer sock, added the CYA to bring to 80, and am running the robot multiple times. Everything is already looking better (just since this morning), so I'll change out the skimmer sock (hairnet) again this evening, clean the robot filter and run him some more. Tomorrow I'll clean the filter. I'm going to dial up the SWG for the longer, warmer days, and up my testing to at least daily until we're dialed in and I have that TFP sparkle.
I love that this site has me prepared to take care of my pool and be more knowledgeable.


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Oct 25, 2015
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Great to see you've quickly taken charge! It's always a good idea to start the season with a full set of tests. I'm guessing you did that and found the CYA needs adjustment. If you didn't do a full set that would be a great thing to do. We never close so we just stick to the same routine year round.

Enjoy the swim season this year!



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Sep 15, 2018
Seminole, FL
If you added the CYA to the water, it is in the water. Give it another week and test again.
When you do the CYA test, try this next time.

Once you have your solution ready, back to the sun, etc. Fill the vial to a line, say 80, lower the vial to your waist level and glance for the dot, you see it, add solution to the 70 line, glance, see it, repeat until you no longer see it with a glance. Then use the CYA value one step above the line you read. So if you stopped at 50, use 60 ppm CYA.

The vial is in logarithmic scale. So it is not viable to interpolate between the lines. Just use the whole numbers, such as 50, 40, 30, ....
Good timing! Pool is sparkling, and FC and pH are good, but we have company coming to stay for a week, and I'm going to do a full set of tests this afternoon. I was waiting for the CYA to arrive so that it's ready to go in if needed. With anticipated increased bather load we are getting a few gallons of LC to have on hand just in case.
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Jul 10, 2012
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Good move on having the liquid chlorine on hand. You can and should push the FC right under the SLAM level for you CYA right before they get there to be on the safe side THEN push it up again once everyone is out of the pool.

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