Getting others thoughts on what to add

Hi All:
Just got back from a 2.5 week vacation. Tested water this morning. Here is where I’m at. Been getting a lot of rain while I was gone so I’m not surprised. Pool is crystal clear so no serious remediation needed, I just need to bring my numbers back in line. Link to my Pool Math results are in my signature, but it’s an 18K Gal stone aggregate pool.

FC 1.2 (SWC was set to 25%... I put it up to 50%) and was going to supplement today with liquid chlorine just to get it up faster
PH 7.0 (was going to try Mule Team to bring this up.... I usually need to bring it down with MA but if I have the opportunity I figure I’ll take the plunge into borax) EDIT - sorry - didn’t have my glasses on.... PH is actually excited there for a second. I guess borates are out.... will just add the usual acid.
TA 65
CH 338 (Add CC)
CYA 68
Salt 3700 (I keep it a little high)

Going to follow the Pool Math calculations for amounts to add.
Thoughts on any of the above? TIA
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Jun 11, 2018
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Strange the PH is so low after being gone. Did you have pucks in too?
No need to raise TA. Anywhere from 50 and up is fine.
I would probably let the PH rise on its own, 7.2 is in range.

Add your pool information to your signature, similar to mine. Helps the experts help you.


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Jul 17, 2016
With your FC being so low when you got back, it probably would not hurt to do an OCLT just to make sure you do not have an algae bloom. If the OCLT passes, you can continue on with your plan. If not, you will need to SLAM to prevent algae from getting a hold.


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Looking at your PoolMath logs makes me wonder where you are getting your test result numbers from. Are these numbers from a pool store or one of the recommended test kits?

What test kit are you using? Fill out your signature with details about your pool, equipmemt and test kit.