Getting everything back in check


Jul 6, 2019
SW Florida
Due to an injury(and having a baby) we have unfortunately let things go a bit with the pool and are now wanting to get all Chemicals back to where they need to be. Thankfully pool still looks great, water is clear but we need to adjust chemicals. Here is the reading today..

chlorine 0 (adding this right now)
ph 7.5 (has stayed consistent now for months thankfully)
CYA 25 (this is probably to low, maybe more around 40 is best? Nervous to add this because at the start we had it way to high)
CH 550 (use to be 800 but has come way down finally)
TA 50 (also, probably to low?)

recommendations? For the CYA we just buy stabilizer to add correct? what is the best way to increase TA? Anything else we need to adjust?