Getting close to choosing a PB and design, looking for thoughts on quote & equipment - Charlotte NC


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Jun 24, 2019
Charlotte, NC
Hi all, been lurking for a month or two while I get my feet under me in moving towards getting my family's first pool! After talking with 7 builders in the Charlotte area I think we are zeroing in on one or two and was hoping to get some feedback on the latest proposal specs. I'm trying not to go crazy comparing equipment quoted across the different builders and was hoping an expert here would be able to give some advice if the quoted equipment is adequate or we should upgrade/downgrade. The details are:
  • Pool - Saltwater
    • Size – 21’-0” x 37’-00”
    • Shape – Free form
    • Depth – 3’-6” to 7’-00”
  • Spa
    • Size – 7’-0” Round
    • Specs – Six jets, Elevated 18” with natural stone facing, 1.5hp Air blower, 400 000 Btu Jandy® heater w/ gas hookup and Wireless I-Aqualink
  • Steel Reinforcing - #3 rebar 10” on center, 12” bond beam w/ 8” walls
  • Shell – Pneumatically applied minimum 4,500 PSI (Lifetime warranty)
  • Steps – Three oversized steps
  • Benches – One 4’ seating bench in the middle and one 4’ seating bench in the deep end
  • Skimmers – One large-mouth (turbo-assisted) skimmer w/ leaf basket
  • Main Drains – Two VGB compliant main drains w/ anti-entrapment covers
  • Returns – Three dedicated returns, plumbed in an equalized loop
  • Vacuum Line – One dedicated suction line for cleaner
  • Equipment – All Jandy® Pro-Series licensed materials are warranted for three yrs.
  • Pump – Jandy® Stealth 2hp up-rated pump
  • Filter – Jandy® C340 Sqft. Cartridge filter w/ dedicated drain line
  • Lights – One Jandy® Full color LED light in pool
  • Freeze protect – 24-hour timeclock with freeze protect sensor
  • Cleaner – Jandy® MX-8 Elite upgraded cleaner
  • Coping – Flagstone (Tennessee Crab Orchard”)
  • Tile – 6” x 6” frost proof waterline tile (choice of standard colors)
  • Deck – 553 Sqft of Travertine
  • Interior Finish – Pebble finish (Level 1 colors) (Stonescape)
  • Start-Up – Initial chemicals, startup of pool and balancing included
  • Cleaning Equipment – Custom Pole, Brush, Net, Test Kit included
  • Misc
    • Tanning Ledge
    • 90-amp subpanel
    • MX8 Cleaner
    • Flagstone tanning ledge
    • Salt sanitizing system
All this comes in at $75k (9k of which is the travertine patio)

Still working on the exact design and layout. Once we get closer to the final design I will be sure to post pictures! Thanks for any and all help!


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May 16, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
Only suggestion is to forgo the suction side cleaner for a pressure side cleaner or robot. Then you're not vacuuming to waste all the time and losing all that water.


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Jun 24, 2019
Charlotte, NC
Only suggestion is to forgo the suction side cleaner for a pressure side cleaner or robot. Then you're not vacuuming to waste all the time and losing all that water.
Thanks for the response. So the quote includes a robot vacuum. Is that what your saying I should make sure to use? Also, any thoughts on the pump and filter size and choice?


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Jul 17, 2019
Prosper, TX (DFW)
Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
The equipment list above does not list a robot cleaner. The Jandy MX-8 Elite is a suction cleaner, not a robot.

I have a couple of other comments:
- 1 light seems low. We are building a similar pool and have 3 in the pool and 1 in the spa.
- 3 return jets for a pool that size seems low. For reference, your pool is larger than ours and we have 6 returns in the pool.
- With a depth of 7' there can be no diving. Most pools I've seen have either 6' max if they want a "deep end, but no diving" or if you want a true deep end for diving you should be at 8+ feet deep. Seems like 7' is in between, so I wanted to make sure you were aware of that.
- Have you considered a raised wall or some sort of water feature?
- Do you want automation? Seems like for that price it should include it.
- Is that pump a variable speed pump?
- Do you want a return or bubbler on the tanning ledge?
- Get them to repair fence, inground sprinklers, sod, etc in their quote.

Good job on looking at 7 builders. That should give you a good feel of what the options are and what you want. Hopefully someone can comment on the Jandy equipment and give recommendations on the pump/filter. Hope that helps.


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Jul 7, 2014
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A Jandy® MX-8 Elite "upgraded" cleaner is a suction side cleaner, and in no way can be compared to what is called a "Robot"... A robot cleaner is run by low voltage DC and does not require your pool pump to be running to work..

Jim R.


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Jun 24, 2019
Charlotte, NC
Thanks for the clarification on the robot guys! Found a YouTube video after your comments that explained it in detail as well. Think I want to go the robot route as we have a lot of trees nearby that can't come out.

Interesting about the return lines, as all quotes I've gotten so far only specify 2 or 3. What would adding more do for the pool? Is there much of a cost increase to do that?
As for automation when they added the spa that includes the automation for the whole pool.

I really appreciate the input and advice here!


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May 23, 2019
North Carolina
Also in Charlotte and starting the process. Who did you like for PB?

MOD NOTE: Please take any company names to PM. Thank you!
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Jul 17, 2019
Wilmington, NC
That’s a very reasonable price for the build. Here in Wilmington your CLT price would only get me fiberglass pool with brushed concrete. No spa and no travertine. Good for you! Hope it goes well.

I too have met with 7 builders. Confusing and eye-opening!


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Jun 24, 2019
Charlotte, NC
OK, think we chose our builder and are going with a different pool and builder than the initial post. Would love feedback on specs and design. For some reason we don't LOVE the shape of the pool and patio but aren't sure how we should modify. Any ideas? Hoping to nail down design, sign and mark the yard next Tuesday.

Pool Specifics: Custom Freeform 18’ x 36’
Pool Perimeter:104 Surface Square Footage: 630 Depth Profile: 3’6” – 6’
Custom 7’ Round Spa Raised– 18” One 18” Open Spillover Composed of Veneered Natural Stone with Coping
to Match Pool – (6jets) Heater & Gas Line & Custom Benches
Pool & Spa Features Include:
1) Concrete Structure pneumatically applied with PB Structural Warranty
2) Excavation –Includes Pool & Deck Demolition, Excavation of new Pool & Spa
* Any Unused Dirt to be removed from jobsite by Project completion.,
3) 3" Gravel Stone Drainage Bed under Pool & Deck
4) Engineered Steel Structure Installed in Pool (10" beam with #3 & #4 Rebar tied 10' on center)
5) 3" Plumbing Schedule on Pool Suction - Up to 40' runs from Skimmer to Equipment
6) Two Safety VGB Compliant Bottom Drains
7) Filter – Jandy 460 sq ft CV Series Cartridge Filter (no back washing required) (3yr warranty parts/labor)
8) Pump – Jandy series 2.7 HSP Speed Energy Savings (3 yr. warranty parts/labor)
9) Three Hydraulically Balanced Return Lines
10) 2 Skimmer with Extra Large Leaf Baskets
11) Ceramic Tile Band 6" Water Line (Standard Colors -many choices)
12) Coping on Pool Artistic Stone Lock 12’ x 12” 2” thick (not hot, not slippery, easy maintenance, Salt Systems
Friendly) or Travertine Noche 12” x 12” Coping (consider Mineral Cartridge System instead of Salt System)
13) Pool Entry, –Custom Tanning Ledge with Umbrella Sleeve, Entry steps & Deep End Swim Out Bench
14) Decking & Water Feature - 1105 sq. ft. of Dyed Rock Salt Decking, 26’5” Raised Pool Wall at 1’ high composed of
Veneered Stone on Front Side & Side, Stuccoed on Rear side , 3’ wide Sheer Descent Water Feature Centered on
Raised Wall (see upgrade below for Travertine Decking 4 Piece French Pattern in Ivory or Noche Colors )
15) Plaster Finish on Pool, Spa & All Steps & Benches –Slate Quartz (smooth Finish natural colored water) See Upgrade
below for Pebble Sheen Level II for Natural colored Water
16) Pool Light –2 LED Lights (multi-colored to include white)
17) SPA Package: 7’ Square Spa Composed of Veneered Stone with Coping to match Pool, Raised 18” with one’ 18”
Spillways, 6 Venturi Jets, 1 LED Light to Include Gas Line & 400,000 BTU Gas Heater
18) Electronic Controller with Freeze Protection with Time Clock to control pump circulation time & cleaner, lights,
Heater, Water Feature Upgraded to Handheld PDA-PS6
19) Purification System –Salt System or Mineral System (3 years warrant parts & labor)
20) Automatic Cleaner – Zodiac MDX 8 (1year warranty parts/labor)
24) Deluxe Cleaning Kit, Start Up and Chemical Balancing with Customer Orientation
25) Pool Area Site Clean Up (removal of construction debris, graded smooth ready for your sod/landscaping)
26) PB provides Tanker Fill ($1,500 value)

Upgrade Considerations:
Plaster Finish Upgraded to 2nd Level Pebble Pool & Spa $2,888


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