George in Georgia

George in Georgia

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Jul 9, 2010
Jonesboro, GA
Now that our pool is stabilized - new filter, SWG cell, and liner, and my wallet is much thinner :cry: I'll take a little time to introduce myself.

I recently retired after 30+ years as a librarian, and now am devoting myself to hobbies - cooking, photography, reading (what a surprise!), gardening, etc. My wife, also a librarian, hopes to retire in 4 or 5 years, unless the dismal economic scene here in Georgia forces RIFs among the state paid professional staff.

Any other photographers out there? I'm going back to the dark side, wet work, the darkroom after a gap of too many years. While I do digital - Pentax K10d, Epson V700 scanner and Epson R1800 printer, there is nothing like the smell of hypo in the morning. Plus there is a lot of darkroom gear available second hand now, the stuff I could only dream of when I was in my 20's.

This forum has been invaluable. Our pool, 25,000 gal inground Grecian, came with the house we bought about 8 years ago. For the first few years all was great, but this year was a real trial! We followed the pool store route for a while, adding all sorts of miracle nostrums and then discovered the BBB method. Just as the goal - and the bottom! - was in sight, the immediate need for a new liner arose. Now, with fresh, balanced water, and the new liner life is good! :-D Living just south of Atlanta, we should be able to swim until late September and even into October, with a little luck.


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Jul 7, 2010
SW Iowa
Hi and welcome. Congrats on retiring and revisiting old missed hobbies :)

I was in photography biz for a while. The bad economy forced me to close my studio :(
Now I just do shoots for friends and family. I'm digital...but, I did work in the dark room in high school...that's where I got the bug for photography.

Glad that you got your pool back on track :goodjob: