Gathering Quotes for New Build on LI - Pool Base Material?


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Mar 14, 2018
East Northport, NY
I’ve met with Spech-tacular, John Joseph, and Blue Wave. I don’t have my quote yet from Blue Wave. The other two were similar in price. Spech-tacular is now booking July 2021!!!

I have meetings scheduled with Swim King and Pool Doctor for next week.

I think Spech-tacular, John Joseph, and Swim King are all cement walls and going to be higher price point. Blue Wave and Pool Doctor are steel wall and sand bottom and I’m expecting lower price point. That’s why I’m trying to figure out whether these are reasonable trade offs or will be problems down the road.
I still don’t feel like I understand whether a sand base is acceptable or not and I feel like I’ve been looking everywhere

True Blue told me to call back in August - they weren’t even booking more quotes at that point.


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Jun 25, 2020
I am finding out that pool building techniques and standards vary wildly by region. I got my engineering plan back after being in contract and it has a rolled and tamped sand bottom. I searched online then started freaking out a bit (significant money has already changed hands). I asked my vinyl pool owning friends and they all have sand bottom pools. I know a good portion of LI pool builders use sand after doing a bit more research. I’ve looked at vinyl liner replacement companies to see what services they offer. They all mention redoing sand bottoms, and I’ve seen many job site pics with sand bottoms. My PB will be on site Thursday to deliver the steel walls (still waiting on permits to break ground). I don’t mind paying more for a different bottom. I need to ask him what type of “sand” he is using and if it’s reenforced. I contracted at the height of covid. I trust my pool builder but my choices were limited and I didn’t ask as many questions as I should have. My wife was pushing hard to sign and to stop being “that guy” who over analyzes everything.
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