Gas Heater vs. Heat Pump


Dec 19, 2020
Berlin, NJ
HI! We are getting ready to build our first inground pool. We live in South Jersey. We have been talking to pool companies and getting estimates/ideas. The Pool Store is encouraging us to get a gas heater. Jersey Pools is encouraging us to get a heat pump. We don't know what advice to take!!!! We plan to use the pool from mid/late May through September. We need help deciding what would be best to go with. We do plan to keep the pool rather warm when we use it. Any advice welcome. Thank you!!!


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May 12, 2020
I have a heat pump for my pool, it does what it is supposed to...but it does it slowly, about 1-2 degrees an hour. I have been able to keep the pool warmed up to around 96-97 degrees during this winter. I do also have a solar cover to help keep the heat in at night. I live in Texas which doesn't get as cold as new jersey. In hindsight, I should have gotten a gas heater so I can really ramp up the heat fast when needed. I went with the heat pump because I can cool the pool in the summer though. I will be adding a gas heater for next fall/winter to supplement the heat pump.
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May 30, 2012
Montville NJ
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A heat pump is going to use less energy. It is moving heat, not creating it, however it is going to be slower than a heater

A heater is going to use more energy, because it is using that energy to create heat, not to move it, but it is going to be able to create a lot of heat quickly

A heat pump is going to be electric, and a gas heater is gas. Gas is usually cheaper than electric, energy for energy. (1KwH is 3412 BTU)

If you really want to get into it, you can see which one is cheaper to run. IT also depends on how hot you want your pool, how well insulated it is, how long you plan on keeping it open, how much sun you get I can keep my ABG in New Jersey comfortable into mid-September with just a solar cover, but i get a lot of sun. Once good cold rain will drop the temp and end the season though.

You should also consider your current utility situation -will you need to upgrade your gas service - are you already running a lot of high demand appliances. Same goes for your electric service. How much capacity is available in your existing service. Will a heat pump require you to upgrade your electric service. Also, is solar something you may want to do? With solar panels you could run that heat pump all day long for free.
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Jul 21, 2013
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It is all about BTU's. Energy efficiency does not matter if your heater cannot heat the pool the way you desire.

A gas heater gives you the same BTU's regardless of air temperature and is about 80% efficient so so 400K BTU gas heater will deliver 320K BTUs of heat to your pool.

A Heat Pump will deliver rated BTU's at 80F air temperature and as the air temperature drops the BTU output drops until it shuts down at around 50F. A 120K BTU HP may deliver about 80K of BTUs at 60F air temperature. With your average temperatures your HP will rarely be able to give its rated BTU output.

If you have NG service with sufficient gas capacity then get a 400K BTU NG heater. It will give you heat on demand as long as you want to keep the pool open. It will heat the pool 3-4X faster then any HP.

Berlin NJ Average Temperature.png
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