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Jun 27, 2011
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This post was split off mbar's old AA treatment post.

OP is referring to just finishing AA treatment.

You guys/gals are a wealth of great info....I did this with my 25 year old pool and the stains all but lifted....pool looks great, save for the cloudiness.

My question is that I can't seem to hold much do I need to be putting in? I used about 10 lbs of citric acid and 3 bottles of 32oz. HTH Metal Cleaner for the treatment. Ph is where it needs to be....

I have approximately 25,000 gallons and I've put in three bottles of chlorox a couple of days ago and three again tonight. The whole time my swg is running at 60%, which I now upped to 90%.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Mar 28, 2007
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10 pounds of citric acid is a lot of reducing agent and would require 3.7 pounds of pure chlorine or about 45 pounds of 8.25% bleach so around 5 gallons. Did you mean HTH Metal Control (not Metal Cleaner)? If so, then that product is 20-30% EDTA which reacts with chlorine faster than the metal sequestrants we recommend that use HEDP. So that's another 2 pounds or so of product that chlorine will more slowly react with.

So it sounds like you may be nearing the end and need to keep adding chlorine. Also, you should get a proper test kit, either the TFTestkits TF-100 or the Taylor K-2006, and then give us your pool water chemistry numbers. Your Free Chlorine (FC) level may be too low for your Cyanuric Acid (CYA) level and you may be developing an algae bloom that is contributing to your chlorine demand. You may need to shock the pool with chlorine, but now knowing the CYA level means we have no idea what FC level will be needed.
Jun 27, 2014
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Hello- sorry if this is off topic. BUt don't know how to start new thread.. . I have 2 year old vinyl liner, OPened pool and started to see iron staining,

Started wiht Balanced levels---
Day 1- Used Polyquat 60 prior - lowered FC to 0
Day 3 -ascorbic acid treatment.
Day 4- used 2 large bottles of Jacks Magenta. (used robotic wall cleaner)
Day 6- cleaned filters with muriatic acid and rinsed well. ( got Cloudy water, I have kept the FC down to 0-1 . ) pump running 24/7
Day 7-9 still Cloudy water
Day 8- ( put in 4 chlorine 3" tabs in filters, used robotic scrubber again)
Day 10- Cloudy water and put in 2 more chlorine tabs
Day 11 - still cloudy NOW FREAKING out because I am starting to see the iron stains come again...ALREADY.. and put some polyquat in again bc chlorine still low..


WHat to do next???
Should I use the 2 metal Free bottles I have or start wiht Maintenance dose???
Should I take a 1 pound of shock, dilute and just add around edge of pool tomorrow. or just leave chlorine low for now..

PLease help.. Thanks Lesa