Future Install, Electrical Ideas?


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Oct 10, 2017
Dallas, Texas
Hey guys so I'm gearing up for the pool install but wanted to get some insight on the electrical side of things, I've seen several post weighing the pros and cons of having the electrical in place before or after the pool but I was more so confused about what I may or may not need as far as electrical is concerned. I don't want to get overcharged either so I'm looking for some ideas on how I should go about having everything connected.

Here's some photos of my planned site, we are going to have the pool installed in front of our existing deck.

Also we do have a gcfi outlet and a dedicated circuit breaker already installed on the back of the house as you can see on the deck.

How many outlets will I need for everything? ( filter, pump and swg)
Also I plan to eventually add a heater to my system as well.