Future Drains, water line, and electric conduit


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I'm in the process of gathering everything I need to do a DIY Inground pool next spring. In one of the area on the concrete deck that we will be pouring I'm wanting to build a bar a few years down the road.
I would like to run the following a 1/2" water line, a 1.5" drain line, and a 1/2" conduit under the concrete to save on trying to install it later on I can cap off all three for now. My thought was to run all lines under the concrete and use a skimmer collar to bring them to the surface. This way the pipes wouldn't be sticking out of the ground for the next few years. It will look neat, and clean with the collar on it for now. Is this a good idea or is there a better way to do it, or just fight it down the road?


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May 19, 2010
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Using a skimmer collar and cover seems like a very clever solution to me. One you build the bar, that would be hidden underneath anyway I imagine.
There may be other in-deck options that are a little smaller diameter out there, but would have to go searching around.