Funny looking thing with all kinds of gears? What is it?


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Jul 16, 2011
Mesa Arizona
Hi everyone.
I'm helping a friend that is in the process of buying a place here in the Phoenix area.
I was checking out his equipment and it's pretty cool but I came across something that I didn't know what it was.
It sits behind the waterfall feature and it's partially in the ground but it appears to be plumbed for water. I see no electric to this thing.
It almost looks like a filter housing with a clear, removable top. Kind of like the pump leaf basket on my pool and there are lots of small plastic gears inside.
Any ideas what this is?
The pool is a pebble tech pool with a salt system installed and cleaners in the pool bottom. He hasn't closed yet and there is no water in the pool currently and no electric turned on yet so I can't fill and start flipping switches. It's covered with 2x4's, chicken wire and a tarp.
He is buying this from out of state so hasn't even seen this house yet except for my pictures. Weird housing market we have here in Phoenix.
Thanks for you help.


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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
That is the manifold that selects the different zones of the in floor pop up jets. Water movement turns the gears which cycles through the zones. Only a few pop ups are on at any given time.

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