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Aug 16, 2018
Avon, Indiana
I cannot wait to wash my hands from our builder. We just built this year. We are letting them close for us bc it is free and we will let them open for us next year bc it is included as well.
here is what i sent them and their response. My first question is-can low TA cause rusting on the handrails? My TA test results are always fine and my PH has been balanced and not swinging all over the place. My TA is usually around 110. Their tests are coming back really low and they always suggest that i add Alk increaser which i never do bc i believe my results are correct. I am more ****** about the concrete crack which appear days after they laid it. I feel if i let this go it will obviously just keep getting worse and i will eventually have to pay a company to come break it up and relay it. I should not have to do that when I paid almost $60k. Can I hold them responsible to replace/repair or is it a losing battle for me?

Good afternoon!
I wanted to talk to you in person but you were not in the shop when we came in over the weekend.
I have a few concerns that I wanted to mention to you to see what we can do to get them fixed.
It appears that all of the hand rails are developing rust spots already. I have tried to wipe them off a few different times and they don't seem to be budging. Is there a way we can get replacements?
The in wall stairs have trim pieces around them that have end caps on the tops but the bottom and side pieces do not. The kids keep cutting their feet on them. Are there supposed to be caps on all of these? Also our pressure gauge is also not working at all.
Lastly, there is a large crack in the concrete that at first started out pretty small but has gradually gotten much worse and I am worried about future issues. I have included some photos for your reference.

Please let me know what we can do to get these issues resolved.

Hi Jackie!

Hope all is well! On the can purchase a product called zud and one of the blue sponges with the non abrasive scrubbing side and that will take those spots off. Your alkalinity has been low the last 3 times and that does cause corrosion on equipment. I don't know what chemical brand you are using but you need to keep that number in range. I will see about getting the gray clips for your in wall ladder. It did come with four but people have a hard time seeing that the bottom ones come off and then poof they're gone. Lastly, on the crack by your cover lid...there is nothing that we can do about that and Koleson spoke with Aaron about that previously. I will let you know when the clips come in. If you have any other issues, please let me know. Have a great day.handrail.JPG concrete.JPG
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