Frustrated trying to close my pool. Please help


Aug 29, 2013
Hi all. I am hoping you can help. I have a large in ground pool and need to winterize it. Have read, watched videos and am familiar with blowing lines out from my motorhome yearly. I got the heater turned off and drained, drained the sand filter, and the pump. I attached an air compressor to one of the drain plugs on the pump and was able to blow out the skimmers and the main drain no problem. The return jets however don’t seem to be blowing out. I have the water drained below them and am thinking maybe I’m just not seeing it. It also seemed to do nothing with the multi port on recirculate and only seems to work (for the skimmers and main drain) when I had the multi port in the closed position. Do you all think I’m just not seeing the air being pumped out of the return jets since there are quite a few? Should I add more water so I can actually see the bubbles? Thanks so much. P.S. I would hire it out but my pool guy died. My husband has been hospitalized as well for 2 months and it is just me and you guys. THanks again.


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Mar 29, 2020
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It is possible that you are not seeing it. I use a shop vac and my returns
are below the water line. As I cap them the pressure increases at each
return. You could try hanging a piece of paper in front of a return and
see if it is moving when the compressor is on.
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