From Sparkly Clear to a Bit Cloudy (High Swimmer Load)


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Jul 30, 2011
Bloomsburg, PA
I think I know the answer to this, but wanted to double check. Had a very big swimmer load for a long time yesterday. From 12noon - 5pm with probably 10 people at any given time (kids also). Pool went from sparkly clear to a bit milky as you looked into deep end. I assumed the best approach was to turn my Hayward Prologic on to Super Chlorinate for the evening. Was that correct, or other course of action needed? My FC has been right around 7.5ppm steady with CC's at 0.




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Jul 30, 2010
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bobby1017 said:
I had the same issue yesterday with about 20 people. Could you define "higher than normal" if normal is 6ppm?
What I do when I have a large pool party (just had one on the last day of school then two days later), depending on cya level, I quickly raise my FC to the upper normal level (per or even a little above, but still below the shock level.

My example: my pool has a cya of 60 ppm right now. My minimum FC for the swg is 3ppm, but my non-swg range is 5 to 9 ppm FC for that cya level (from poolcalculator). After the first party, I raised my FC up to 10 ppm (I did it quickly using LC/bleach right after party) and then monitored the pool closely for the next couple of days. I want it to be crystal clear before I settle back to the 3 ppm FC minimum. This also allows me to have another pool party quickly (which did happen 2 days later) and have clear water going into it. Rinse and repeat for the second party. If my water is fine, and my FC level is high after doing this, I just turn off the swg for a day.