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Jun 10, 2010
We are beginning to see some progress after working on our green pool for a week now. We have been adding bleach to shock it 2-3 times per day using the pool calculator.

Last week we added 4 lbs of stabilizer but by Saturday the CYA was back to 0 due to all of the backwashing and then having to add more water.

We added 2 lbs of stabilizer (in a sock) Saturday night.

Our numbers Sunday afternoon:
Pool was VERY cloudy but no longer green. I think we added 2 gal of bleach to shock to 10...whatever the pool calculator told us to do with a CYA of 0.

Our numbers Sunday night:
CYA=20 (guessed at it since we are out of 0013 to test with... new kit is on the way)
Added another gallon plus 2 cups bleach

Our numbers this morning:
CYA=20 (again .. we are guessing)
We can see the bottom for the first time!
Will be shocking to 11 this morning according to calculator. Will also add 2 cups of MA to get the pH down.

I am sure we will be doing more vacuuming and more backwashing today. I think the pH went up because we had to add so much water over the weekend.

Are we on the right track and is there anything we can do about testing the CYA without having the 0013 that we need???? Should we add the other 2 lbs of stabilizer at this point??


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Get your FC up higher and HOLD IT UP higher....keep it 10-15 at all times. It'll really speed up the process.

Hold on the rest of thestabilizer until you get the kit in to test. I suppose you could get a test at a pool store but I would rather you wait and do your own testing.

Remember, get your FC up 10-15ppm and hold it there. :lol:


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May 20, 2007
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Don't lower the PH just yet - it could just be from the shock level of bleach. Once the FC has dropped below 10 test it again, if it's higher than 7.8 then you can lower it with MA to 7.4-7.5.

Doing great! :)

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