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Jul 15, 2010
Hello, i have a ganite pool and I use the frog system? what's the best & most efficient way to maintain it as far as keeping my PH level, chlorine and alkalinity balanced for a reasonable price. Also, what's the best tester to have at home that will keep me from going to the pool place every week? Thanks!


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Feb 23, 2008
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Welcome to TFP!

I'm going to go ahead and level with you on this and tell you that you are probably not going to find any helpful hints as far as your frog system is concerned here at TFP. We really don't like the Pool Frog, Nature 2, and other mineral systems because they don't deliver as advertised. They add metals to the water and these cause nasty problems eventually. As a former Nature 2 user (similar to the frog), the best advice that I can give you is to quit using the frog and start using conventional methods to sanitize and balance your water. Properly chlorinated water is all you need.

The best test kit out there is the TF-100 kit. See the link in my sig line.

I would encourage you to visit Pool School (link also in my sig line). There, you will be able to learn about the chemistry involved in caring for a pool and what products you need to use to do so.

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Welcome to TFP.

First order of business is to order a TF-100 test kit. See the link in my sig for one.

Use Bleach or liquid chlorine to maintain your FC level. Use Borax to raise pH and Muriatic acid to lower it. Not at the same time of course! :-D

Above all quit using the Frog! It adds things to your water that you don't want.
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