Freezing temperature and heat pump


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Nov 16, 2020
Montreal, Canada
Hello all.

I began winterizing our inground pool last week end but did not have the time to complete.
So last weekend, I lowered the pool level below the returns and shut off the pump, leaving the cap of the pump off.
Temperature was mostly above 0C (32F) all week, with some times during the night below freezing point.

I finished the winterizing today by blowing the pipes, adding antifreeze, capping the returns, emptying the sand filter and disconnecting all those flexible tubings.
However, water started freezing between the filter (in a shed) and the heat pump outside. And the temperature will continue to go down (currently -5C / 23F).

I'm going to place a mobile electrical heater next to the pipes/heat pump to be sure the water doesn't deep freeze and expand so I can finalize tomorrow.

But, I'm curious about something: would re-powering the heat pump help ? I know there are sensors but if the compressor starts, it should create heat and help keep the water in its pipes from freezing and bursting. Any thoughts ?



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Jul 21, 2013
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No, the HP will not power up and run without water flow. Powering the HP will not help your situation.

Consult your HP manual for the proper winterization procedure.