Freeze protection ?


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Feb 2, 2014
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So we're going to see some modest freezes starting tonight for a few days .

I'm not worried about main pump & filter (I can just let that run I guess)

BUT what about the separate pump & pipes I have for the waterfall ?

I don't really want to run the waterfall pump so just open the filter basket lid to let air in or actually drain the pump ???



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May 3, 2007
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If you can drain the waterfall and pump, then it should be fine. The water in the pipe underground should be fine.

Also, if you would prefer not to run the pumps, here are some alternatives I posted on another thread:

I am not a big fan of using freeze protection because it gives you a false sense of security and based upon many posts on this site, tends to fail in one way or another especially when the power fails. In addition, it turns on far too soon and wastes energy. It is easy to use but not fool proof.

We haven't reached freezing temps yet but we usually get down to low 20s and usually not for more than about 8 hours. I haven't used freeze protection now for about 8 winters without incident. I know Texas has a bit more extreme temperatures but if temps should get below 25F or below freezing for more than 8 hours, there are alternatives to freeze protection:

1) Cover the equipment pad with a tarp and put a 60 watt light bulb underneath the tarp. This is more than enough to prevent anything under the tarp from freezing (unless you are way up north). But this is still susceptible to power outages.

2) For really cold weather, drain the equipment pad. This is a fool proof method and is not affected by power outages. But it is a bit of a hassle so I would reserve that for very severe weather.
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