Freeform pool with moss rock water features – Cypress, Texas


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Aug 28, 2018
Cypress, TX
12" shelf.... Are you planning Ledge loungers or chairs? I can't wait to see it all done, umbrellas and all!

We are going with the Chaise Deep for that shelf. I'll be sure to post a pic once all the furniture arrives.

Oh and what kid of spraydeck is that? Texture, color?

The color is Bombay, and I think the texture is called "Classic". I can take a close up tomorrow.

And. Did you ever design/consider a slide in the rock grotto? With kids and all. Too much $$$ I think for myself. It's all ridiculous ??

We talked about it but opted against it. The PB showed us some pretty cool examples of some slides they've incorporated into rock features before.


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Aug 28, 2018
Cypress, TX
Is your lot oversized? tt looks there are TWO house to your one house/yard! Here is hoping the trees grow fast and big to help add some privacy.

The lot size is the main reason we built on the lot! We like the extra space. And we can't wait for the added privacy, we already have the landscaper coming back out on Saturday to add 7 more japanese blueberry along the fence behind the rocks haha

Looks like they live in the first circle lot of a cul-de-sac, Not a lot of neighbors here now allow you to buy 2 or 3 lots and center build.

Really does POP with landscaping!!!

Thanks! We tried to buy 2 lots but the HOA doesn't allow it :(


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Jun 8, 2015
Houston, TX
I know you have small kiddos, this sign is on our patio. It Family, Friends and neighbours all know if the blinds are down enter at your own risk!!! Those 2nd story windows will need plant growth to



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Aug 28, 2018
Cypress, TX
Bumping this old thread. We ended up selling our house and I just wanted to post some pics of how the landscaping grew in that first year.

Building a new house and we are going with a geometric design. I'll make a thread once it gets started!


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Jul 16, 2012
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Yeah, that old back yard turned out to be a real stinker. I can see why you are moving. I'm glad you found some sucker to buy that place. :)

Can't wait to watch you build the next pandemic escape! It'll be so easy this time. Or at least the devil you know.
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