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Sep 4, 2007
Hello TFP,

I am currently in the process of having and inground gunite pool installed - I'll add all the features, info etc. to my signature soon. As I kid I used to take care of an above ground but so many years have passed it seemed like a good idea to get up to date on everything once again. Back then I was using a form of the BBB method so it is nice to see much better info. available today. This appears to be a very good forum, I have been browsing and reading for a couple weeks now and so I thought I'd introduce myself.

Tomorrow starts the gunite phase - this is only 2 1/2 weeks into the build and my builder actually calls me instead of the other way around - In all I am quite happy thus far but....... we will see what happens when I meet with the masons.

You see as far as I can tell I am having a pool built unlike almost anything I have come across yet. Certainly nothing like it in my area and the builder has not done something quite like it either. Although the builders are very excited to be working on it. When complete it will be all waterline rock (true rock not carved), no concrete decking. It should once the landscape is complete look like someone came across a rock spring filling a rocky depression and then built a backyard and house around it. I prefer the natural look, in fact I think I am paying more to make sure it looks less man made.



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Jul 29, 2007
Apache Junction
Hi Jeff,

Welcome to the forum... You can't just tease us with talk of a "pool built unlike almost anything I have come across yet" and have nothing to show for it. You have to post pics. :lol: Anxiously awaiting...


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May 8, 2007
Katy, TX
Welcome! and please post your build progress in the "pool and spa build and repair" forum. Like Livinwell said, nothing like pics to satisfy our curiosity.



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May 30, 2007
South Carolina
Hi Jeff, and welcome to TFP. :)

Are you sure you were not on HGTV recently about a pool build, ............... :wink: ...j/k

Good luck with your build and we know you will document every step w/ pix!

Sep 4, 2007
I am taking pics along the way and I'll post up a few next week. The actual construction of the pool itself is nothing really different than any other - it is the finished look that will be very different. In fact I spent two months before we even approached a builder trying to find a picture to even get my idea across. Once the masons finally get to work it should really start coming together.

I have attached the only pic I could find to help point the builders in the right direction. It should at least give you an idea of the natural setting/design I am trying to achieve.

Have a great weekend.