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Jul 17, 2019
New TFPC disciple here armed with my TF-100. I’ve been testing my pH and chlorine daily and have a question about FC. So, three days ago my tests were as follows:

FC: 3
CC: 1
pH: 7
TA: 130
CH: 225
CYA: 45
T: 83

I added 111 oz. of 10% to bring my FC closer to the target.

This morning, I ran my full tests again as part of my Saturday morning routine and came up with these results:

FC: 6
CC: 0.5
pH: 7.2
TA: 125
CH: 250
CYA: 45
T: 78

Now, through reading the other posts it’s my understanding that I should be adding chlorine daily especially during the summer. I have no bathing load during the week due to schedules and my pool probably only receives 10 hours of full on direct sunlight. I’ve completely emptied my chlorine feeder of the pucks so that the chlorine I’m adding is all it receives.

I’m just fearful that I’m not doing something right as it doesn’t appear to need a chlorine add every day.


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May 3, 2014
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You need to add enough chlorine each day to replace that lost to UV and any organics. Does not matter if any one swims or not.

Round up your CYA to 50. Keep your FC in target level as per FC/CYA Chart