Freaking Rain!!!


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Nov 13, 2017
Space Coast, FL
What do you guys recommend using liquid Cl for the rainy season, which can be throughout the year in Central Florida. It seems like a real battle to keep the pool even light green. I will be installing SWG in a couple months. But, for now...? I've gone through a lot of chlorine.


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
I live in Tallahassee, FL and only use liquid chlorine. The main thing is to get and KEEP the FC up high enough each day. If you are getting a lot of rain make sure to up your checking on the CYA as the water exchange (rain in =drain out) can mess with the CYA so make it harder for your FC to stay in the pool. During rainy times I tend to keep my FC at the upper end of my CYA/FC to be on the safe side.



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Jun 16, 2019
Get the 60k gallon SWG so it doesn’t have to struggle to keep up with the rain and FL sun. If it doesn’t have to work as hard, the lifespan is considerably longer and will justify the extra cost.


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Jun 12, 2009
NW Ohio
Times like these is when filling the chlorinator with tablets isn't a bad idea, IMO. It will help maintain the FC while replacing CYA lost to rain (CYA doesn't evaporate, but if you are getting 5 inches in a day you are losing water to drainage, which does reduce the CYA). You will still need to test regularly and dose with liquid chlorine if necessary, but it can help you to stay on top of things. Be especially sure, if you do this, to watch the pH and TA as the pucks are acidic.

Once the monsoon has passed and your CYA level is where you want it you can transition back to strictly liquid chlorine mode.
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Aug 22, 2017
West Palm Beach/Florida
I am south Florida and get a bunch of rain as well. SWG generally keeps up with it, but occasionally I add a little extra LC. I also use some pucks during the rainy season as insurance and help replenishing CYA. Pool has be TFP clear all summer. There is no reason to have a green pool. The advice here works.


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Nov 13, 2017
Space Coast, FL
In Central Fl, some years our rainy season is all year long. I had been using pucks earlier in the year and my pool was blue, but my CYA jacked up to 120. So, I stopped the pucks and did a water exchange, then the rain, hurricane and more rain.