Fraying top edge on Intex AG pool


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Sep 15, 2013
San Diego, CA (Escondido)
My 26' round Intex AG pool is starting to fray badly along the rails. This is cleary UV damage (UV is fierce here in San Diego). But, what can be done about it? This must be a common problem with these pools since it seems clear that the vinyl quality just isn't up to handling the UV. I have found no definitive statements from Intex. Has anyone successfully dealt with this issue? Thx.



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Sep 10, 2013
El Cajon CA
On my old Intex I had the same thing happening, not as bad but was just starting to get scratchy when you leaned on it. I was going to use the 3M vinyl that is used to wrap cars to protect it. I was not able to do it because of multiple holes kept popping up so we just replaced it. Our new one is just slightly getting damage from the sun. I plan on attempting the 3M vinyl wrap on this one in a month or so when I get a chance to do it.
Do you think the integrity of the vinyl is compromised? It might look worse than it is from the side pic you posted. Good luck and let us know what you end up doing for it.


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Aug 14, 2013
south east Arizona
"as seen on TV" flex seal paint - works great. your pool will probably need three cans. if the sleeve is showing any signs of splitting use the tape, much harder to deal with and doesn't look as good but seems to hold it together.

my next intex will get painted new, before the fuzz appears.