Four days after opening...


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Apr 12, 2008
Started the opening off with a really nasty looking bottom. Added one of the big jugs of bleach on the first day and started the vac....

Gotta love how the previous owner closed it down. Yes, that is the ladder on the right that stayed in all winter...

Hmmph ... looks like I need a new one of these.....

Nice layer of green goop.


And now just 4 days later, the water is clear and the bottom isn't gross..



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Apr 30, 2007
I had a similar experience with my pool last week. My pump died a week before I closed the pool last year, so I never really go it cleaned out when I closed it. I also had a new winter cover that allowed water to drain into the pool during the winter through some very fine mesh in two panels. When I opened it the pool for the first time was not crystal clear. I could barely see the bottom in the deep end, and there were lots of leaves in there too. Four gallons of bleach, lots of cycles with my Blue Pearl and three days of filtering and she is crystal clear and ready for a swim.