Fountain with multiple configurations -pics and video-


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May 4, 2011
Here are a few pictures and a video of a pvc project I've been working on, since I'm not very good at DIY stuff I re-created a few different pieces 2-3 times :hammer: until it was exactly what I wanted. I didn't come up with my final idea/plan until I had already tried to create something different. It didn't turn out great, so I reused some segments and re-made it. This is probably the 3rd overall attempt and I'm finally happy with it! :mrgreen:

YouTube Video










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May 4, 2011
woodyp said:
Looks like Star Wars!
Believe it or not I never got in to star wars, you would think I would have (if you knew me).

Txmat said:
So what did you do to make the different water flows?
I should have mentioned, it's my 2 speed pump.

Jamison04 said:
That's pretty cool. Did you make the diff nozzles interchangable or were those just your different designs you tried out?
I ended up with 4 pieces, the part that connects into the pipe is an L shape, I made another piece that's a "lazy L" (which is what I used for the single jet) and there is also the "bar" for spraying and the two jet attachment. I should take a picture of all the parts disconnected. (probably will this afternoon) All attachments show are the "final products," the nozzles are actually from the pool store (the return jet fixture) the only one that isn't is the "bar," which has holes drilled in it.


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Jun 21, 2011
Tecumseh, OK
Like you I'm trying different designs. I've made one from PVC drilled out and am not quite happy with it. Looking to refine the design a bit. I've found that with the fit of the PVC not glued allows me to change the angle or swap out heads. I like the idea of having diff options :)


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May 4, 2011
Jamison04 said:
I've found that with the fit of the PVC not glued allows me to change the angle or swap out heads. I like the idea of having diff options :)
Yeah, I'll go snap a pic of my different pieces, I used a bunch of threaded connectors so I can swap certain pieces out, I thought if I didn't glue them it might pop apart, but I never tested without glue.

jsf0656 said:
VERY NICE! :wave: :cheers: :goodjob:


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Jul 1, 2011
More fun with PVC. :goodjob:
So cheap and so easy to design different shapes. My son wants me to make a giant water curtain next.


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May 4, 2011
water curtain sounds pretty cool!

Here is a pic of all the different parts.

Here is the inspiration for the dual jet attachment.

Just kidding, actually I came up with the idea after trying to make something similar to what crookm11 made.

I have yet to use the plug and remove one of the two jets, but I'm sure it wouldn't be any different than using the two connector pieces, but it would shoot a bit higher.

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May 3, 2011
I'm gonna bump this thread that is just in time for Summertime temps in S. FL.

Great High quality documentation and idea here!

A few questions:
1) Do you have any ideas about the temp advantage using this gadget?
2) Did you run it at night and see if it made a big difference? I think it might.
3) How much did your acid use go up?


I also sent you a PM.


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May 4, 2011
Last summer we had many weeks of 95+ sunny and extremely humid days (probably even 10 consecutive days). Running the fountain all day (7:30am-5pm) it was able to keep the water in the upper 80s, 87-89. I overheard other people's pools were in the 100s. I never ran it overnight. (which would have lowered it considerably more)

I can double check my spreadsheet when I get home, but I'm fairly certain the pH increase was around 0.2ppm/day. I used the single jet attachment.
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