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Aug 16, 2009
I have an above ground pool. It gets very warm in the hot Alabama summers. My husband made a device last year and it seemed to help. You have to take the eyeball out of the pool and attach it. I was told that was not a good idea....that it may cause my liner to slip and I did notice some slack. I wanted to get other opinions. Also if I bought a fountain how do they attach to the pool? and do the help cool the water?

Thanks Deb
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Jun 22, 2009
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I feel your pain. It's been brutal here lately. Pool temp was 93ºF yesterday.

Removing the eyeball and installing an aerator doesn't hurt the pool liner. The sealing part of the eyeball fitting is still attached and sealed to the wall. A lot of the add on fountains attach to the eyeball fitting so there's not much difference there.


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May 27, 2007
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Like Bama said, most fountains either attach directly to your return or use a plastic hose and a fitting to connect to your return, with the fountain sitting out in the middle of the pool. I have one of the latter, and it works great. I can usually get a 6 degree drop in temp overnight. Running it at night works best.

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