Found five white broken plastic pieces in salt water generator


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Jul 23, 2020
I have a Coleman above ground pool with a Bestway pool pump and summer waves salt water system. After a storm two nights ago, my water flow indicator on my salt water generator turned red and the pump was sounding loud and not normal. I took the pump and salt generator hoses apart to check for any clogs. I found 5 white pieces of plastic in the generator - I believe these pieces broke off in the pump or generator - not sure which. There are no clogs in the system. Salt water generator continues to show red indicator for the water flow when I turn both the pump and generator on. Any ideas where these pieces came from and how to resolve? I believe the plastic pieces broke off internal to the pump housing. The pump makes a strange sound when it is turned on. please help! thank you9EB98D68-481D-46A5-A363-B8CC94B34BF2.jpeg


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Jun 16, 2019
When you turn the pump on, is the water moving? Maybe that is the impeller - or at least pieces of it.
This would certainly explain all the symptoms. Something hard got into the pump and broke off impeller teeth which clogged at the SWG. Now the pump being unbalanced makes a funny noise.

I’m with you @Winger 03. Nice guess.