Found algae built up in Whisperflo …. Please help


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Oct 30, 2013
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We have Pentair Whisperflo which is mainly used for the waterfall. We usually have it run 15 minutes weekly up until we had our freeze back in February. Since then, we have minor leak with the pump so we only run it for waterfall only when we need to, not weekly anymore. Today, I found algae built up in there. Please let me know how I can flush them out. Or how do I get rid of them? Do I have to clean the entire pool? Is algae got built up because we didn’t run the pump weekly?

Please advise on what I should do here. Attaching some pictures here…


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You should have a drain plug at the bottom of that pump basket. So you can take a green scrub pad and add a mixture of bleach and water (3 parts water to 1 part bleach) scrub the area really well. Then let it drain our that plug. Once you've scrubbed everything you can see, run that pump for about 30 minutes to clean out the line. You should increase the pool's FC level about halfway to SLAM level so it can resist the residual algae, the monitor. If you see odd FC loss in the pool, do an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test to ensure a SLAM Process is or is not required.
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