Forgot to run pool last night, now have ice. What should I do?


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Apr 22, 2019
Hot Springs, Ar
We did not winterize the pool because our winters are very mild the last several years. It was nearly 80 degrees last week. On the nights temps drop to 20s, which is rare, I just ran the pool pump. However, I forgot to do that last night, and woke up to a frozen pool. It is a pretty thin sheet of ice over the whole thing (I'm able to poke through with ease). But, I also see a frozen layer in the pump basket so I am not sure if I should leave it at this point or turn it on? It is going to be cold again tonight, 27, so I wanted to have it running. The next few days will be 70s with only 40s at night...


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Do not poke at the ice in your pool or you may cause the sharp edge of the ice to tear the liner.

You should be fine for tonight . Read...

From Preparing Pool for Cooler Months - Further Reading

  • Keep a tarp and plastic cover nearby to cover the equipment pad and protect the equipment from exposure in harsh weather like sleet
  • You can put an incandescent light bulb under the tarp to add a little heat if the temps are predicted to stay below freezing for several days in a row
  • Don't leave equipment covered for too long as it can become a nest for critter that can do damage