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Jun 20, 2016
Does it work well as a degreaser? I have a MAK 2-Star smoker that I have a hard time keeping clean. I've tried Weimann's SST cleaner, Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser and MORE and none of those do a good job. I've also just tried Dawn dish soap and hot water but still I still have grease stains on the outside.
No just as a polish to cover water marks that won’t come off or clear finger prints.


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Aug 22, 2017
West Palm Beach/Florida
So an update, I have expanded the cleaners for the grill.

I hose of the grill to remove the large dirt, give it a wipe down with a clean rag, and then apply this with a microfiber cloth.

It give is a great shine and adds some more coating to the grill that beads the water nicely. Pretty good for $13
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