For Sale: Jandy AE 2500 heat pump (Heat & cool) $1200


Sep 18, 2008
I am selling a 2 year old Jandy AE 2500 Ti heat pump w/ chiller for $1200 plus shipping. The control panel on the heater is also removable so it can be mounted inside. They are about $3500 new (online).

The heater was damaged by hail (baseball size) a few months ago. The coil has several spots where the fins are smashed down and the top fan guard is dented. It runs and heats just fine though. I would imagine you could have an HVAC tech comb the fins and the fan guard could probably be straightened. We're using the insurance money to switch to a gas heater. Our climate doesn't allow it to heat the pool like we want.

Here is a link to the unit:

Here is a link to the hail storm that damaged the heater (video from my backyard):

Send me a message if you're interested. Thanks.


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May 1, 2007
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Man, I hope if you have a shingle roof, that your insurance company replaced it for you! That is some serious Hail!


Sep 18, 2008
Yes, fortunately it was all insured....roof, windows, gutters, garage door, heat pump (house and pool). It even dented the aluminum table and chairs.


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Nov 19, 2013
Crazy you still have this heat pump for sale? Yes, I know, your post is 3 years old!!!!!!