FOR SALE 0.5 hp pump, 12" sand filter


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Apr 16, 2019
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Perfect for your first foray into real equipment for your above ground pool.

Both are manufactured by Blue Torrent Pool Supplies; the pump is a Blue Torrent Hurricane 0.5 hp pump, the filter is a Blue Torrent Sand Shark 12" sand filter. No hoses, they all sprung a leak and you don't want to fool with that. I recommend going straight to 1.5" plumbing anyway.

You can get step down connectors to make the pump and filter fit your 1 1/4" or 40 mm hoses.

Filter has clear pvc segment by Pentair for sight glass that I installed. Pump is single speed. Both are only 3 years old and in service til this year, when I upgraded. Works great and would be perfect for the smaller above ground pool -- mine is 14' and this set up worked beautifully..

PayPal or Venmo. I'll split the shipping, unless you want to come pick it up.

$175 for the pair or $100 each. PM me for further info. Pics on request.
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