Foam boards to support leaking auto cover?


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Oct 22, 2019
Our auto cover is getting replaced in the spring due to storm damage and general wear, but it recently started leaking up through pinholes too numerous to possibly patch. So, left to sit, the cover now eventually sinks below the water line which is definitely not good for the tracks.

For the winter, we either need to keep it open (not fond of that idea) or find a way to support the cover so the pool water doesn’t seep through. We were thinking a of floating a bunch of 4x8 foam insulation boards in there so the cover isn’t sitting directly on the water. We’re hoping the auto cover will slide right over the boards and get us through the winter.

Thoughts? Any other ideas?


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May 17, 2018
Eagan, MN
I think that would be a plausible way to keep it up. You could also just use pool noodles or an inflatable pool float. I put a few under my cover to raise the leaking spot and then patched my cover as it with flex tape (bought it at Home Depot). about a foot at a time as I closed the cover to get it through until spring when we will get a new one. I did it when it was still warm and worked the pool noodles into the right spot through a split in the cover on an old fold. Pin holes might be hard to position in the right spot but since you know you are replacing you could just cut at the pin holes just enough and slide noodles in so you have enough resistance to push against to get the tape to stick. I scrubbed the cover with a green kitchen scrubby and wiped it with alcohol before putting the tape on so it would better stick. I can’t wait to get a new cover! You would definitely need it to stop raining though. Minnesota has been soggy!