FNS plus DE filter rust inside.


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Oct 12, 2009
Overland Park, KS
I just finished cleaning my DE filter and discovered some rust on the wingnuts that hold the grids in place. Also there is a metal band that runs around the inside of the lower half of the filter shell that has developed some surface rust. This is the first year i have seen this. Additionally I was having issues with stains in the pool at the end of last season.

I had a big fight with low ph last year and think this is the cause. Will the surface rust on the wingnuts and interior metal band adversley effect the pool this season?


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Mar 29, 2007
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Hey, Thinkly :wave:

While I don't want to tell you the FNS is failing, I would certainly change the wing-nut and address/ fix the band's rust.

If you had a low pH issue last season, I'd say that it exasperated the issue - and keep better control of your pH this season :wink:

I am never one to tell someone to 'just replace' pool equipment but, do all you can to keep your filter serviceable until you are ready to replace it, and that day may be coming more quickly than you'd like :(

I believe that with a little TLC and halting the rust ASAP, you can get another season or 2+ from your filter without risking stains :-D

Let us know how things are going :cheers:
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