FLOWVIS check valve leaks at higher pump RPM


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Mar 4, 2021
Fort Lauderdale, FL
I installed a 3-way valve to bypass the pool heater while in service and connected the pool heater outlet to a FLOWVIS/check valve before a tee returning to the SWG/pool. If the pump runs at higher than 1500 RPM, the the FLOWVIS leaks a lot (from the backflow, not from top seal). Granted, that with the normal water flow direction, the FLOWVIS should not get any back water at high velocity, however, I now have some doubts on how reliable these meters could be trusted as a check valve. Is this to be expected?
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Mar 26, 2014
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It should not leak at all. I have one that is 4 years old that I installed myself and it works just fine. Take it apart by unscrewing the screws and check the rubber o-ring to see if it's seated correctly. I had a similar issue with a brand new Jandy valve. The o-ring was pinched in a small section and was causing leaks. I changed it out and that fixed the problem.
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