Flow switch/indicator problem


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Sep 30, 2007
Question for folks out there.

I was recently working on my pool equipment and accidently ripped out my flow switch phone line on the controller box side (stepped on the line). I simply spliced in another phone jack connector, but doesn't seem to be working. With the flow switch phone line pulled out (disconnected) from the controller side, i would expect the red indicator 'no flow' light
to be lit, but it is not? I was under the impression that whether the switch is bad, misadjusted, line cut or disconnected, it all would resort in the same thing, the 'no flow' indicator will be lit, right? In addition, my cell is not producing clorine (clorine is low and 'generating' light does not come on), which obviously is an indication that the controller thinks that the switch is off (no flow) but yet the 'no flow' light is not on.

In the past, i had a gopher (yes a gopher) chew my flow switch line, and i simply cut off the chewed part and spliced on a new phone jack and it worked just fine (until i recently stepped on it).

I happen to have a neighbor with the same pool equipment, so i ran my flow switch line over the fence and hooked it up to his box and i also cross checked hooking up his switch to my box. With his switch attached to my box, my pool does not produce clorine (generating light does not come on) and with mine hooked up to his, it registers (red light blinks) and generates clorine. One side note on my neighbors box is that whether i start his pump up with my flow switch attached to his box or his switch attached to his box, the red 'no flow' switch blinks for a long time (didn't stop).

Sorry, this is a bit long. In the end, what it appears is that my switch, line, connection are all ok, but the problem must be with the board. I find this odd considering that it was working before i stepped on it.

Any suggestions on what is going on? Also where can i find a controller board?
My system is a Nature Soft unit, which is the same as Auqu Rite, all made by Goldline Controls I guess.

Appreciate any feedback.

Thx, Mark


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Mar 29, 2007
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Mark, sorry it's been a while :oops: I've had to put a number of new 'phone jacks' on the wires that have been cut by weed wackers, etc, and it always takes at least 2 tries :eek: the wires need to be in the center 2 slots and the da&mned things don't 'lock in' the first time %^$##@**&^!

The 'no flow' light ' should stay solid if the unit can't get the message from the sensor.