Flow Indicator Confusion


Nov 3, 2010
I have a Pentair Intellichlor installed and am using a Pentair Easy Touch indoor control panel. When I check chlorination on the panes it indicates there is inadequate flow. However on the Intellichlor installed on my pool the floe light is green indication all is well. How can I get these two monitoring tools on the same page?


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Jul 7, 2014
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On the surface it does not make sense as the flow switch tells the EasyTouch if it has good flow or not..

What does the LCD on the main panel say? Menu, Diagnosis, Chlorinator...

My guess would be that the remote is not updating.. But that is a guess as I live in this Century and have ScreenLogic.. :mrgreen:

Let's see what Tom has to say... He is also stuck in the 80's.. Calling @ogdento


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Mar 30, 2015
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hehe... "born in" is closer to the truth than "stuck in" ;)

First thing would be to make sure the indoor panel is talking to the outdoor unit... if you press an aux key on the indoor, does the outdoor update with the corresponding led (and vice-versa)?

I don't have an intellichlor (i've got an aquarite), but the next things to check are 1. the comm port wiring going from the surge board to the easytouch, and 2. whether the intellichlor is communicating with the ET at all... but I'm not sure what functions exist to make it send/receive from the ET, maybe somebody else has an idea?


Nov 3, 2010
@ogdento - I checked the communication between indoor and outdoor panels initiating commends from both. All OK. Not sure I fully understand what to do with second suggestion - 1. check comm port wiring from surge board and 2. itellichlor communicating with Easy Touch. I do have a spare intellichlor unit which I can test. My chlorine levels on LCD read seem to be locked on 3000. I now suspect there is a communication error from intellichlor. Thanks
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