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After a few years of having our pool, my wife and I have "seen the light" (and paid the bills) of having a single speed 1 1/2hp pool motor/pump. I will be switching it out to a variable speed motor/pump this weekend. In addition, I have purchased a FloVis flow meter to install to help us dial in some correct settings. Our equipment pad is on the smaller side and everything is relatively close together. Are there any "do's and don'ts" on where to install this thing? I have attached a couple of pics and circled where I would like to install - out of convenience and for ease of visibility. Also, to be a bit more precise, I am HOPING I can install a union on one side of the FloVis and attach/screw right into the Jandy SWC (see picture). Any thoughts on this?

Also, is it overkill to maybe install a SECONDARY PSI gauge inline? I have to do some plumbing, so it would be EASY to install at this time. All we have now is the stock gauge that came with our Jandy CL580 filter.



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Jul 21, 2013
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All you have to dial in for a VS pump is the RPM that satisfies the flow switch in your SWG and the pressure switch in your heater. Find the RPM that works and that is your minimum flow rate.


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Jun 16, 2019
I agree that the extra psi guage is not needed, but the similar overkill, double redundancy self in me salutes you. Carry on good sir. Also, 'nows the time'


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I like that my FloVis tells me how close to my flow switch on/off point i am as I dial down the VS, not to mention that it's more fun to watch than drying paint :)
You can easily do that without knowledge of flow rate. Published flow rate limits often have quite of margin baked in them so if you are using that as a target, it will often lead to higher than necessary settings. I use the SWG unit reporting to find the actual lower limit so I dont need to know anything about GPM.


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You should not need a check valve between the heater and SWG. If you are going to add solar, then I would put the flo vis right after the filter which is where you will need one for the solar. That is where I put mine.
Thanks for the replies. Having dealt with "Primary and Redundant" for everything work related, it's tough to shake the habit.

Necessary? Absolutely not. But we all have our little quirks and "safety blankets". Some would say the added gauges I've installed on some of my vehicles are "absolutely unneeded" - and they would be correct. However, they have helped me avert at least one MAJOR failure and to me, it was well worth the time and expense.

I guess it should be noted that my equipment is BELOW my water line - not much, but is definitely below.... In addition, when (and IF) I get around to my solar heating, it too will be:
1. below my pool waterline
2. Below my pool equipment.

Thanks again!
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