Florida AGP Winter Maintenance/Suspension


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May 17, 2014
Sebastian, FL
We have a 9x18 Intex Ultra Frame and this is our first 'winter' with an AGP. We are in Florida and since the temps have dropped a bit, we have a rather chilly pool and do not plan to use the pool as often (or at all) in the coming months. We do not see the need to empty the pool, or even want to go through that process. What is the best advice in running the pump and SWG while it is not in use? I have not changed the pump & SWG settings - running the pump 4 hours daily with SWG 3 hours which seems to maintain the water levels wonderfully well. We currently placed the cover over the pool to help keep the debris from accumulating and I have not changed the times of the pump/SWG. Is it ok to run everything with the cover on the pool? Can I cut back on the running times if not in use - any recommendations from southern AGP owners would be appreciated! Also - any AGP water heating recommendations (solar covers vs. other heating options) for times which we may want to take a dip this winter!! THANKS! :D


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Apr 1, 2007
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In a nutshell, manage your pool exactly as you do in the summer.

You will lose FAR, FAR less chlorine so it is imperative you test your water and adjust your FC (SWG run time) accordingly.


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Aug 15, 2012
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I live in Orlando and when I had a SWG, I found I could cut back to half on the SWG in the winter. It took a bit of trial and error so, just keep testing and adjusting until you find the winter sweet spot.