Flooded Pool


Jun 29, 2007
Corpus Christi, Texas
Well I remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question so here goes -- Are there any concerns I should have with my pool flooding over with lots of rain? We've had a lot of rain the last two days and my in-ground fiberglass pool has flooded over. I know that there are water table issues and popping out of the ground but I see no evidence of that. The pool has a cantilevered flagstone deck over about 4" of concrete that is tied by rebar to the pool. The deck is three foot wide in most places and up to 6-7 feet near the slide and patio. The pool sits in sand, I live on an island, and the water table is usually about 7 feet, my deep end is six. Maybe just newbie jitters but thought I would ask. Attached a picture taken in drier times.



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Beautiful pool. Do you mind if I add it to the slideshow?

I wouldn't be concerned about the water table. If your pool were empty, that is when you would need to worry about it popping out of the ground.


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
If the water level is above the top of the skimmer opening then the skimmer won't skim. Nothing will really go wrong, but there will be more debris left on the surface than usual. Other than that you should be fine.