Floc Disaster


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Jun 21, 2010
First Post and imagine this, I did something I knew wasn't really required; now I'm here asking for help to clean up my mess.

Background: New pool installed this year its my first pool ever. Ive had no problems I couldn't solve by searching the forums, reading pool school again or reasoning out the answer with information provided in response to other posts.
Problem: The weather has been dry here all month. (after a sopping wet june and july..) It has been extra "dusty" and "polleny?"over the last 3-4 weeks. I slowly noticed my water had lost the sparkle it had before and could see white "strings" floating around when looking underwater with goggles.. Yes sparklypoolitis" I had noticed no chlorine loss overnight but raised to shock level (held with no cc) increased filter time, added the socks.. still no change in clarity.. tried a clarifier with short success 3 weeks ago, but it was short lived. Where was I headed? oh yes.. FLOC..

Yesterday I put pro team floc in the pool. This morning l find water clearish on top, cotton puff clouds on bottom. vacuumed a whole lot of water to waste, in the process stirred up quite a bit of fluff which I let settle again and vacuumed to waste this evening. I then added water and again am letting any suspended particles settle.. however the water is even cloudier than before.

I can not keep wasting water like I did today.. I had to put at least 4-5 inches back in the pool.. started out inch below top of skimmer ended up level with bottom of skimmer with hose running whole time.. Did I mention I am on a well? Between splash out and evap I add water at a rate of 1-2 inches weekly. Normal Water loss and vac to wast makes at least 7 inches I have added this week. Fill water is full of iron, has a TA off the charts, and a CH reading right there with it. The first 800 gallons are soft fm water softener after that its straight ol well water.

So here I am with a pool that contains (contained) a bottle of floc, water as cloudy as can be (ok I can see the bottom step, but this is a disaster to me!!) when I last checked I could see several very small spots of puffy cotton clumps My question is, is there a way I can get those out without vacuuming to waste again? Is slime bag an option? Can you tell I am a mess?

I am using triclor tabs at the moment in a feeder however I am checking cya weekly (and stay on top of the PH) .. but with so much splash out it hasn't been a problem as of yet.. if it does become a problem then I will switch to liquid chlorine, I have used the jugs a few times in the past months just to see how they work out for me.
ph 7.5
fc 5
cc 0
ta 160
ch 200
cya 30

edited to change rough draft to final draft.. first post folly!!!

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Jun 22, 2009
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You can try vacuuming to filter and then backwashing. That may save you a little water. The floc clumps the stuff together so the filter can catch it.

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