Floating Pentair Legand


Dec 15, 2019
Austin, Texas
Ok, I am at wit's end!! :=) I have a 15 year old Pentair Legand pool cleaner that was working pretty flawlessly until I decided to do some home preventative maintenance. The wheels were a bit "wobbley", so I decided to replace the wheels and bearings. While I was at it I also replaced the turbine bearings, the thrust jets and venturi jets (force debris into the bag). Since these repairs I have not been able to get the cleaner to stay on the floor of the pool to clean. It loves to soar through the mid layer of the water column, once in awhile touching the floor or coming close to the walls. I have checked the wheel revolution (31 per minute) and have even found a couple of light weights to attach to the unit to no avail. I thought there might be air caught under the cover so I took the covers off under water to make sure all the air was gone. I have moved the thrust jets every which way, no help. I am about at the point of just giving up and purchasing a new one for the summer season, but thought I would check here to see if anyone has any other ideas. I am going to clean the DE filter cartridges this week, but suspect if anything it will just increase the thrust. Anyone have any experience with this? Could the parts I purchased (after market on amazon) be that much lighter to cause this? Thanks for your help!

Austin, Tx


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Apr 17, 2010
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Could you happen to be able to post a pic of that? I think there is an adjustment screw of the tail sweep part that can add or lessen pressure.
Counter clockwise is less I think. Love to see yours since my daughter bought a pool with a house and may have the same unit. I can't find a model # on it but think it's a Pentair LL105PMG--solid gray.