Floating Liner Help ?


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Jul 23, 2012
Cary, NC (Raleigh)
Hey all, did some searching already but could use some more advice.

We've had about 8" of rain over 2 days here! Now we've had major tropical storms and rains before but this is the first time the liner has floated and pulled away from the coping and walls.

1. I noticed this morning my overflow line was clogged and not flowing freely. I'm thinking its possible rain over night got above the coping of the liner and worked behind the liner? That clog has been resolved and drain line is flowing.

2. Its possible the ground water has gotten so bad to get behind the liner? Again never occurred before but 1st time for anything.

Wife has said its gotten worse in the 45min since I left house for work.

So, what are my options right now? Pool pumps are turned off. I don't own a small pump (like for a cover) or anything besides a shop-vac. Rain should taper off later today. I'll call the pool company for help or advice but anything I can do now?

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Jun 22, 2009
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The big thing right now is not to panic. Since it's an inground liner pool, the bottom should be vermiculite and if so, it's porous. It may take a while, especially if the water table is high, but the water should slowly migrate from behind the liner.

Do you know the soil composition there?
Also, are there any well points near the pool?


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Apr 1, 2007
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I was in Raleigh/Cary yesterday and participated in the rains by getting inadvertently very wet. Yeah, y'all got drenched and I was glad to get back to Sunny FL and dry out.

Unclogging that drain line was the first thing to do. It could've overflowed behind the coping but a more likely suspect is it overflowed across the decking and then became part of the groundwater.

It is the same result either way......you have groundwater behind your liner.

You'll get no help from a pump unless the PB installed a well point and you can lower the pump into it (that's doubtful)

So as the groundwater recedes, the liner will start to go back up against the frame. Your job is to guide it as it goes so it ends up against the frame and stays there.....that's not easy in many cases.

The best approach is using brooms to push out the wrinkles and guide the liner back into place as best as you can. It may take some time but the reports from members on the forum report pretty good success.


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Jun 8, 2014
Rogers, AR
Last winter we had the same thing. My liner floated everywhere:( after everything settled down my liner went back into place perfectly. My pool company told me the most important thing is to keep the pool as full as possible during this time.


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Nov 8, 2011
Take a piece of pvc pipe and slide it in behind the liner then put your vacuum hose inside the pvc pipe hook it up to the skimmer and pump either to waste or filter it and put it in the pool