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Sep 3, 2019
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Hello All,

I just had my pool remodeled which also consisted of a adding a split main drain (the previous one was cancelled out due to a leak). The new skimmer came with a float valve and after researching the forum I still have a couple of questions... plus when I was going to reply to an old thread I saw the message that recommended I just start a new one.

1. Do most people (with only one skimmer) just keep the valve completely open at the bottom?

2. If I stick my hand down to the back hole of my skimmer I feel very strong suction... but when I have the float valve in, even with the flap completely open, the suction along the edges is very minimal. Is that normal?

3. I understand that if you close the flap at the bottom of the float valve that you should be getting more suction from the main drain. Does this completely cut off the suction from the skimmer?

4. I just had my pool re-plastered and am vacuuming (with a brush vac) and brushing regularly... should I keep the valve closed, closed when brushing (this seems an obvious yes), open, partial... or just mix it up.

5. Is it a bad idea to just remove the float valve. I understand that it's "fail-safe" if your water gets too low, but if I monitor daily is it really doing anything for me?

I think that's it for now. I appreciate any replies. Thanks.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Thousands of pools have the float valve removed and it makes zero difference in the operation of the pool... There is really no reason to have a main drain in most cases.

I have never had good luck screwing with the little flap on the bottom of the float valve.. I just took the whole floating diverter out and have not used them in many years...


Jim R.
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