flex pvc between pump and filter?


Jun 10, 2020
West TN
I am having to replace the pipe between my filter, pump and pool. Something happened with the pump, it looks like it might have vibrated to the point that the pipe connecting it to the filter failed. Since that happened, I decided to go ahead and replace the multi port. And since I was already doing all that, I am also replacing the laterals. The pump union is here, the multiport is here, laterals are arriving tomorrow and I am struggling trying to figure out how much pvc, unions, couplings, elbows, etc that I need to get. The nearest big box place is a 45 minute drive one way. It seems like I could use the flex pipe and at least do away with elbows...I have read about not using flex pipe underground. This flex pipe would run exclusively above ground, between pump and filter and existing pipes. My new multiport is a Hayward top mount SPO714T 1.5" FIP and the pump is a waterway SMF-115. The pool itself is a vinyl 25k gallon in ground pool with a 3' shallow end and a 9' deep end. the bottom drain was covered over years ago. The pictures are of the pump union.


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May 20, 2020
New Braunfels, TX.
If you run flex pipe. Cut to length and glue one end on. Let it sit for a few hours before glueing the other end. If you glue both ends up and jamb it into place, one or both ends will crawl out. I would use a primer and the blue "hot" glue. Give the second end a good 60 second count due to it being under a forced bend.
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