Flex pipe repair


Jun 6, 2018
Newtown, CT
Hi Guys. I have to repair a flex pipe that inadvertently took a rebar right to the kisser. I dug it out, its right by the pool equipment. I have some schedule 40 1 1/2" couplings. I was wondering if these are the correctly couplings to use. The pipe also appears to be 1 1/2". I have never repaired flexible pipe, so wanted to check before tackling it. Once the repair is done, it will not be easy to get to later on. I am guessing cut the pipe cleanly, clean off any shavings left, prime the pipe and inside of coupling, and glue like standard PVC? If I am way off, please let me know. Thanks.


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May 3, 2007
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There are many types of flex pipe but if it has the smooth exterior and is PVC, then you should be able to glue a coupler on it. The outer diameter of ridged PVC is 1.9" so you might check that dimension.
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