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Jun 1, 2015
Bartlesville OK
Discovered today that my skimmer line flex pipe is pinched/collapsed. I've had the same issue last year on a return jet but it was able to be repaired without cutting into the patio concrete. Question now is do I replace ALL my flex pipe or is there another alternative. In gas lines they are able to pull a slightly smaller diameter pipe through a broken one for repairs under ground. Is there a way to do this with something like Pex? Would be able to pull it back through the jets and skimmer line and avoid ripping up a large section of my patio.

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That ability may depend on how large the original flex pipe is to begin with. You can only drop in size so far until it impeeds water flow. Of course there is also the consideration of connections at each end. You would still need to dig down to get underneath the skimmer right?