flagstone countertop


Feb 2, 2010
outdoor kitchen build is coming along and needing some thoughts on flagstone countertop. If sealed, will flagstone work well for countertops? Concerns with bacteria and staining, but curious if this would work as long as its sealed. will use Oklahoma flagstone. Thoughts?


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Jun 7, 2010
Dripping Springs, TX
I used smooth cut limestone for my bar tops on my outdoor kitchen, and then applied a sealer with a pump sprayer.
It was fantastic - water would bead up on that porous stone like a waxed car!

I would test the sealer first (and let it dry) in an inconspicuous spot (or a sample stone) to make sure you like the look.

I find that after about 2 years you have to power wash and re-seal.

I can't remember the specific product name, but it worked great, and I think there are many brands that will do the job.

Good luck!

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